1 Week of Hand Holding While You Reset Your Mind for Success

7-Day Group or Solo Challenge to Make You Recommit to Your Success or QUIT!

Conquer the Inner Turmoil That's Preventing You from Achieving Your Goals. 

From: Tiffany Lambert

You know what the saddest thing is about entrepreneurs? They can't get out of their own way. And when everyone else can see it's a mindset issue, they can't - they double down on the belief that there's some missing formula being kept from them.

You can't work for yourself if your mind is in such a state of disarray that it never settles down - it keeps sucker punching you whenever you get up and try to make something of yourself. 

I went through so many emotional rollercoasters early on in my career - and I found ways to power through and dominate OVER my hysterical mindset so that I'm in control and it's not.  

Now it's time for me to share these lessons with you. 

It's Time for a Major Shift

You're so ready for this. 

But you've been reading tons of self help books and kumbaya blog posts and none of it has worked, has it? Well, maybe a little helped.

But none of those lessons were specific to the kind of like you, as a self-employed man or woman face.  

They presented a different set of problems - or ones that didn't take into account the special circumstances you face in running your own business.  

You need someone who has been there, done that - and succeeded with having a major mindset shift of their own. 

You may get frustrated when successful people say these things to you:

Just take action.

Get over it.

Don't let it bother you.

You'll figure it out.

It's no big deal.

It is a big deal to you - all of it, and when others make light of what you're going through, it piles the pain on that much heavier - because you start blaming yourself, thinking everyone else has it all together but you

You're Wrong About That.

It's not that they have it all together - it's that they simply learned how to succeed in spite of what's going on - they learned to fix certain things and manage life with those they have no control over. 

And maybe they're simply in a hurry or not very adept at sharing tips. But just because they say it doesn't mean it's true. 

I want you to sit there for a minute - no, really - do this. After reading this paragraph I want you to close your eyes and think about your emotional reaction to everything going on with you right now - your success, your failure, your relationships, your self care - all of it. Are you proud? Ashamed? Hopeless? Scared? 

That feeling you experienced right in your gut? That's the result of your outdated, terrified, untrained mindset. 

And I'm about to fix it with you.  

Here's what you'll get in this 7-Day Challenge when you sign up:

Day 1: Time for a Clean Slate

We can't do anything when there's a big hoarder's mess of misinformation and negative thoughts cluttering up the space. So we'll begin by clearing up some of the major thoughts and issues keeping you down. 

Day 2: You're Stressed, So Let's Address That Second

High or chronic stress used to wreak such havoc in my life that three doctors thought I had cancer. Even as a child, I had to be tested for ulcers due to stressful conditions. So it's my belief that the stress issue must be dealt with or you can't move on. 

Day 3: What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear is like a silent stalker keeping tabs on every move you make. You're terrified of choosing the wrong path or encountering something that could destroy your confidence (what little you have left). Time to suit up for battle because we're DONE with fear. 

Day 4: You're So Overwhelmed, You Don't Know How to Get Back on Track

Right now, you may feel like even if Marie Kondō herself waltzed into your life and organized it, you still wouldn't be able to function properly. That's a common problem when you let your suffering go on for a long time. But don't worry - I have a method for un-overwhelming myself that I'm going to share with you.

Day 5: You Can't Manage Your Time Well Enough to Succeed

Not only do you work for yourself, but you have that other full-time job as just a human, who may or may not have kids and a spouse and other commitments. And yet you're beating yourself up because you don't have a skill that no one ever taught you. I'll help you with this.

Day 6: You Are Desperate for Success

When I say desperate, I mean end of your rope, panic mode, worried desperate. Guess what? It causes massive problems when you approach anything in a state of desperation. So we're going to discuss how you can put the brakes on your frantic state of mind and calmly and coolly figure out a plan. 

Day 7: You've Been a Quitter This Entire Time and You're Sick of Yourself

Call it quitting or call it long-term procrastination - it's all the same - you're not moving forward and crossing the finish line. I'm going to help you develop a mindset that shifts from wishy washy to go getter. 

Before You Sign Up, You Must Commit

I don't want you sending any money unless you're really going to do this. Give it 110% - not for me - but for yourself. 

Only sign up if you're fed up with your excuses, if you're sick of taking a weary journey  to nowhere, and if you know - somewhere deep down inside - that the root cause of all these problems is you

I'm not gonna lie, either - this isn't going to be some "huggy, lovey dovey, let me coddle you" challenge. It might dig deep. It might shine a spotlight on all of your flaws. But sometimes, you have to take a good, hard look in the mirror and own up to the sabotage you've been doing to yourself. 

Let's look at more details for this challenge:

Who Is It Right For?

Anyone who is stuck in neutral with their success - and either knows why and doesn't know how to fix it, or is lost and floundering and needs a swift kick to jumpstart their mental fortitude. 

What Will You Accomplish?

I'll have assignments for you at the end of each day - recommendations that you can take and implement or ignore. At the end of this challenge, I want you to feel stronger and capable. You may feel like a newborn foal with weak legs, but you're willing to learn how to walk. 

When Does It Start and End?

You can join ANY time - regardless of whether you start in January or months down the road, I'll be here for handholding if you need to reach out - and the lessons and comment participation will be there for you to read and add to if you want. All of the lessons are ready, so you can do them all in one day or spread them out however you want.

Where Does the Challenge Take Place?

Right on my blog in a series of private posts. I want it laser focused, and this is a place where you can log in, go through the lesson of the day, read comments and participate if you choose to, then log off so you're taking action. I do not want people stuck floundering on Facebook in a group where we ALL know, a lot of time wasting happens. 

You should be focused on THAT day's lesson and then logging out to get your task done. (Learned this from my mentor and it's helped me achieve success, by the way).

Why Join This Challenge?

If you're your own worst enemy, even if you won't admit it, and if you feel like you've been shown what to do, but somehow, it's not clicking - you may want to join this challenge so that you'll understand what it takes to achieve your goals (hint: it's not more courses)!

One Time Payment and No Upsells!

Everything you need to shift your mindset into gear with this challenge is included in the initial purchase. There's nothing else to buy and no upsells to navigate through. 

Major Mindset Shift Challenge

Let's do this, guys!

Tiff ;)